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In an unexpected event, could you continue?

We are consultants in Business Continuity services, with an emphasis on People, Premises and Processes, analysing your business' ability to continue in an adverse event, whether it be an environmental, physical, or accidental threat. We offer a modular approach, from a Business Impact Analysis, through to a fully managed Business Continuity programme.


Scope of services

Continue provides a complete range of independent consultancy services addressing all aspects of business continuity and risk management, with both technical and management emphases. We help and advise clients in a pragmatic way, for example, by reviewing the effectiveness of existing security measures before making recommendations for change.
Our approach is tailored to clients instructions such as a top-down perspective - addressing the totality of a client's IT infrastructure, voice services, or business operations - or through specifically focused engagements addressing previously identified areas of concern or risk.

  • Analytical review of Business Continuity arrangements
  • The design, development and maintenance of all systems and operational Business Continuity Plans
  • Preparation of disaster simulation exercises
  • Ensuring the Understanding of Operational Risk
  • Training and education to provide a thorough understanding of corporate and local Business Continuity disciplines
  • Proactively identify and escalate issues or weaknesses and torecommend mitigants for resolution
  • Audit your suppliers arrangements to ensure they are as robust as you need them to be
  • Comprehensive range of testing services to ensure business continuity strategies, stand-by arrangements and recovery plans work in practice
  • Scenario-based 'walkthroughs' for a Board or Crisis Management Team

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